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Serhat Atalmis - Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Dear Serhat

I need to take a step backwards before I continue just to insure we cover all the four corners as I call them being introduction, brief, hand over, & ownership / control


If my memory serves me right my wife and business partner Tandra sourced you, you then came over met with us at this point all we were after was to get some advice on the best accounting package to suit our business .

You not only suggested the right package , then assisted us purchase it , set it up to work around our business without charging us any consultation fee this is the first time I decided to take our businesses over to you from the accounting firm we used since 2008


Some six months later we requested to meet with you to get some advice on setting up our second company and to assist us with some business planning, advice on superannuation sacrifice, and investment in general, again we were extremely impressed with the way you handled yourself and the quality of advice we received from you, at this point we did not want to waste another minute and decided on moving over straight away and Over

Well this is going to be the most boring part as I have nothing to say just that the hand over from our previous accounting firm to you was quick, smooth and seamless the transition was so smooth that I have started to doubt the accuracy of one of my strong beliefs being never change any think unless its broken

We I have now changed that belief to never change anything unless its broken or you can improve on it.

Ownership & Control

Serhat you have taken our business on and have always demonstrated that you manage the accounting, business planning part of our business as you would do your own, you have suggested to us on various cost saving measures , you have helped us improve on the way we look at our business , report to the ATO ect , we are truly impressed and thank you for all the assistance we have received you have gone above and beyond by meeting with us at shorty notice , taking phone calls , and giving us quality advice at any time we needed it

We are so impressed with you that we have recommended you to most of our business associates and from what I hear a few have moved their business over to you

In a nut shell you are the many I would suggest to anyone who is looking for a one stop shop on business accounting, business planning, advice on super, ATO reporting and the list goes on

Thank you Serhat and the Team at Choice Accounting look forward to working with you’ll

Warm Regards

Hugh Vardon


ICD Services

Serhat Atalmis - Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Serhat and choice accounting have been absolutely amazing throughout the purchase of our new business.  My partner came across this company while working as a rep in the area. At first it was just to arrange a tax return but we felt so comfortable and happy with his work that we discussed our plans for the future. At this stage it was still a dream but with his experience and knowledge we were able to make it happen.


Not only has he acted as our accountant but also a mentor and a friend. Although we now live down in Bay side we will continue to use Serhat as it is hard to find someone who will go above and beyond to help his clients no matter how big or small they may be. I would highly recommend choice accounting to anyone who will listen.


Zane and Joni



Gill Greenstein

Serhat Atalmis - Wednesday, March 01, 2017

I have found Serhat Atalmis from Choice Accounting to be conscientious, hardworking and professional. I have known and worked with him for three years and during this time I have witnessed the effectiveness of his work and seen the customer satisfaction he creates among his clients. Serhat is a skilled and knowledgeable accountant who ensures that each job is completed to the highest standard.

Gill Greenstein Bookkeeper


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Serhat Atalmis - Wednesday, March 01, 2017

We came across Choice Accounting in 2012 by referral from a close friend of ours. We had fallen well behind on our lodgements and, after sending in the information numerous times to our previous accountant, and leaving many messages, we still were no closer to catching up on our lodgements. We decided to give Serhat a call and organise a meeting in our office to see what he had to offer and how he could help our businesses get back on track.

We were very impressed with his professionalism and knowledge when we first met him, and decided to give him a go. He started working on our file straight away and found inefficiencies in the way we were managing our books and companies. We had numerous entities and accounts and some companies weren’t trading yet were incurring penalties and interest, as the GST hadn’t been cancelled and the companies were still active. Serhat quickly organised suitable software which we could use to fix some of the problems we had had moving forward and help with the training to ensure things were done in a more orderly fashion moving forward. He also went back years with our companies, lodging what was outstanding. De-registering what should have been de-registered, closing down accounts and structures that weren’t in use and really cleaned things up to the point where we felt we had control of our businesses again.

He also successfully got back thousands of dollars in penalties and interest charged by the ATO which covered the costs of his accounts for the next 2 years. Within a reasonable time all of our accounts were in order. We received thousands back from the ATO for fines and interest that was charged. We had a new user friendly software to better manage the businesses, and most importantly we knew we were back in control of our businesses and have been on top of everything ever since.

We were so happy with the service we received that we have referred on people who we do business with as well as our friends and family, and they have all had similar experiences with Serhat.

Thanks to Serhat and the team at Choice Accounting,

What a great find

Deniz Akgul.

Global Vehicles

Smart Bin Hire

Fahad Khan

Serhat Atalmis - Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Serhat Atlamis, from Choice Accounting, prepares and lodges my & my wife's tax returns and is always accessible, accurate and reliable.

He is a nice person and great business mind to talk to.

He visits my home every year and thoroughly discusses all the aspects of my tax return.

He also compares my return with the previous year so that I can have an idea where I have gone up and down.

I thoroughly recommend his services as an accountant and business Coach. 

Fahad Khan

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